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My name is Sam but my mutant name is Skite :) I'm a music producer from Brisbane, Australia. I DJ at "Thriller" for Destroy All Lines and engage in pop tart eating contests with anyone brave enough to challenge me.

I like to remix lots of different kinds of music, mostly metal and hiphop but anything really goes. If you've got a suggestion for me, by all means hit me up in the Ask box.

I'm also an avid player of Super Smash Bros. Melee ^___^

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BMTH | Shadow Moses (Skite Remix)

Thanks mates, and hope you dig ^__^

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Anonymous said: always aim for infinity and beyond, fellow burrito. you're doing great, and getting recognition. slowly but surely, you will be more famous than Kimye, and i'll see you all over social media doing the thang that makes people's butt jiggy. you are a rising star amongst the universe, and you will continue to shine brighter than any. believe, burrito. i may or may not be highly intoxicated. but SHINE ON GLITTER DIAMOND STAR! I BELIEVEEEE

Thanks my friend <3

waitingon-words-andmore said: Honestly, I believe people forget that ambitious musicians, writers, etc without a full time job have their shit sorted out. They're damn well aware of their money and their necessities. When are people just going to look closely for once?

Yeah it’s a weird mentality. I could better understand them being offended if I were taking their tax money or something but I’m certaintly not 


House dressed as a house painting a house on a house


House dressed as a house painting a house on a house

lostmymindintheshadows said: Many people don't chase after what they want,the fact you are chasing after your dream is amazing,to that anon you don't have to be so rude,anyway it is a person's own choice what they do with their lives

^__^ <3

Anonymous said: Mate it's called a job.

I’m well aware of how money is acquired. I chose to set aside my fulltime work so I can make just enough to survive on while I pursue my passion. This can be occasionally stressful. I’m genuinely sorry my venting ruined your life!

Money, man! -____- Don’t ever become a musician if being able to pay your bills is important to you.


Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Skite Remix)

Very minimal, but I like it (: If you guys like it, please help me reach more people by Sharing! 

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Thankyou x