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My name is Sam but my mutant name is Skite :) I'm a music producer from Brisbane, Australia. I DJ at "Thriller" for Destroy All Lines and engage in pop tart eating contests with anyone brave enough to challenge me.

I like to remix lots of different kinds of music, mostly metal and hiphop but anything really goes. If you've got a suggestion for me, by all means hit me up in the Ask box.

I'm also an avid player of Super Smash Bros. Melee ^___^

You can download my first EP "Diana Smashed" for free here:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/skitemusic

Merch: www.skite.bigcartel.com

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/skite

YouTube: www.youtube.com/skiteright



meow-bitch-fuck-off said: Have you had a fuck the world moment? And ran around naked while throwing cocaine at hobos and shouting "am the taco Jesus!!"? Am currently drunk right, so idc XD

haha! Never quite to that extent, but certainly I’ve thought “fuck the world”. Haven’t we all?

Really sorry about the lack of new music lately, dudes. Life things have been getting in the way. Had my car break down the other day which cost me a bundle. Having to work a bit more than I used to aswell.

I hope you understand! There are a couple new originals up on my Soundcloud that you might like if you haven’t heard them yet:


Thankyou <3 new shit soon I PROMISE.



Millie Tizzard | Swing Life Away | Rise Against | Cover


BMTH | Shadow Moses (Skite Remix)

Thanks mates, and hope you dig ^__^

Download it here:


And please Like my Facebook page over here so I can count you amongst the elite:


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meow-bitch-fuck-off said: Does music, ever affect your social life?? For example how many friends you have, relationships? For me my gf got mad cause I was focusing on music XD and fav band ever?

I have like 2 friends LOL, as far as people I talk to and see regularly. I don’t go out at all really, except for when I’m DJing. I have a lot more fun staying in and creating things. 

My favourite BAND would be The Prodigy. They inspired me hugely. My favourite musicians are mostly just singular people tho

meow-bitch-fuck-off said: Best gig so far?? Also have you toured yet?? If so tips?? Sorry for a the questions, music is my life, I write music, I do unclean vocals. XD by the way your music is badass!!!

Thanks man. A lot of the old Thriller nights were really good, especially when the floor was packed with people who liked to jump around a lot as opposed to just making out with each other. Haven’t toured yet but when my next EP is done I’d like to travel down south to Melbourne, Sydney etc to meet the people down there.

That’s cool man, would be keen to hear your stuff ^__^

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I love that we’re entering an era of people (especially kids) being able to fully compose music via a limitless canvas in their own bedroom. My favourite music always feels like a detailed and vast landscape in my head and it’s very hard to achieve that with just one instrument. Not that instrument-playing is bad, but I feel there is a very valid and hitherto largely misunderstood artform in ~designing~ and ~constructing~ a musical recording, not just playing one physically on an instrument. 

meow-bitch-fuck-off said: Do you sell band merch? Cause I want to wear it to school, and be like yep this guy is badass, look him up bitches! XD

I do actually! ^__^ Here’s the link